admin user not working

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admin user not working

Post by pbrooks100 » March 14th, 2017, 5:20 pm

I have two iBootBar units installed at a factory.

Both units respond to ping, they accept a telnet connection and they both serve a WebUI.

I cannot log into the devices as admin/admin

They were up and working fine for over a year, but suddenly we can't run our automated test that connects with telnet.

We can't use the SCU utility to control the iBootBar either.

I had the remote operator press the reset button on the front for 5 seconds, and we could log in as admin/admin via telnet but we couldn't do anything from the CLI.

I tried creating a new user, the user was created and I can log in via telnet, but can't do anything.

I'm guessing that the user database is corrupted.

What can I do to recover these units?

Running iBootBar Rev 1.5d.275

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