Revision History - iBootBar

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Revision History - iBootBar

Post by DP_David » January 21st, 2010, 4:32 pm

All Upgrade files are Self Extracting and contain the firmware, upload utility and installation instructions.
1.5e.276 (Jan 2013) This version address the following issues:
  • Changed iBootBar Logo on Webpage
  • No functional difference from 1.5d.275
Download iBB_upg_1.5e.276.exe [ 1.47Meg ] here: Click Here

1.5d.275 (Feb 2011) This version address the following issues:
  • Improved Time Server Processing
  • No events will be executed when Time Server fails.
  • Events older than 1 minute will not be executed
  • Corrected calculation of new repeated events
  • Modified Autoping so that it can be used as a monitor when actions is set to none
  • Modified Autoping so that the triggered status is cleared on reboot
Download iBB_upg_1.5d.275.exe [ 1.47Meg ] here: Click Here

1.5b.264 (Jan 2010) This version address the following issue:
  • Corrects flash memory issue associated with continual or high frequency switching or status updates.
Recommended for users that are polling or switching outlets programmatically.

Download iBB_upg_1.5b.264.exe [ 1.47Meg ] here: Click Here