ESC control (K-16 vs. IPC-16-R)

ESC control (K-16 vs. IPC-16-R)

Postby DP_Sam » February 5th, 2015, 10:44 am

This note is for original customers that use their own program to control the original K-16 switch with escape sequence control, and have replaced with new RSS systems and the IPC-16-R controller card.

  • Upgrade or confirm the firmware in the IPC-16-R is the latest version. (1.01.070 or better)
  • Make the password match.
      The original K-16 used PASS as the default password.
      The IPC-16-R uses admin as the default password.
    • Change the IPC-16-R password to be PASS with "set password PASS"
    • Change your program to use the new password admin.
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