Disable Authentication

Disable Authentication

Postby gautam3lee » January 3rd, 2011, 11:49 pm

We are using the iBootBar with our application and are communicating with it using the serial port.
Is there a way to disable the authentication and let all commands work without having to log in ever?
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Re: Disable Authentication

Postby DP_Sam » January 6th, 2011, 9:55 am


The short answer...
    The iBootBar does not have the ability to eliminate the logon prompt.

The long answer...
    There is a different code referred to as the iBootBar Precision.
    read about it here: http://www.dataprobe.com/ibootbar_remote_reboot/ibbprec.html
    this version supports the RPS and iPal protocol via the serial port. these protocols do not require a logon to be used. sometimes this code is a better fit when automating control of an iBootBar from a control system.
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