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Postby DP_Sam » February 25th, 2011, 11:12 am

These revisions refer to the iBoot Original model number 1410017.
All Upgrade files are Self Extracting and contain the firmware, upload utility and installation instructions.
3.1c.103 (Sep 2009) This version address the following issue:
Some customers reported Internet Explorer 8 had difficulty displaying web pages.
  • Improved Internet Explorer access issues.
Download here: Click Here
Manual for this version
Prior to revision 3.10.100 the iBoot can not be field upgraded.
Since you can not upgrade to revision 3.10.100 in the field, there is no upgrade file.

3.10.100 (Sep 2008) This version address the following issue:
  • Added Stealth Mode - ability to ignore all arp requests.
  • Added better broadcast packet detection.
  • Added the ability to field upgrade.
Manual for this version
2.40 (Oct 2005) This version address the following issue:
  • Added new discover protocol
  • Improved network ip setting form
  • Corrected DHCP issue involving multiple iBoots simultaneously powered up getting same ipaddress
Manual for this version
2.2b (May 2005) This version address the following issue:
  • Heartbeat monitor when programmed to cycle once would cycle every 45 minutes
Manual for this version
2.20 (Aug 2004) This version address the following issue:
  • Added some denial of service attack protection
Manual for this version
2.10 (Apr 2004) This version address the following issue:
  • Added the 2 minute timout for setting ipaddress via Arp/Ping to compensate for incorrect static arp tables created in some Cisco Routers
You can now only set the IP address of the iBoot using the ARP/Ping method
during the first 2 minutes after the iBoot is powered up. After 2 minutes you
must use the Web Page or a DHCP server to change the IP address after the 2
minutes are up. Once the IP address has been set by any means you must
power cycle the iBoot ro change the IP address using the ARP/Ping method.

Manual for this version
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